JE has developed its own profound Corporate Culture, that is,

1. Vision: to be a global agent for elevator industry and real estate related products.

2. Mission: to satisfy customer’s requirements by continuously improving service quality, self- challenging, and striving for excellence.

3. Values: Trust comes from our efforts. To keep Customer Satisfied, Staff satisfied, Shareholder Satisfied, and Society Satisfied.

4. Style: Learning, Innovation, Integrity, and High-efficiency.

  • Learning: Pay continuous attention to problems, cooperation, competition, knowledge, and professionalized level.
  • Innovation: Make all-out efforts towards changes in strategy, concept, system, conduct, and market.
  • Integrity: In good faith to customers, shareholders, employees, positions and interested parties.
  • High-efficiency: Persistent pursuit of steadiness, science, efficiency, simplicity, performance and quality.

5. Quality Concept: Process is excellent. Quality is of great importance.

6. Environment Concept: Improve construction and environment together. Harmonize development and ecology.